Shiro Ame - Text skladby Keep Going z alba Awaiting A Brand New Day |
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Shiro Ame rock-post hardcore / Praha

„Skládáme materiál na album.“

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Text skladby Keep Going

z alba Awaiting A Brand New Day

When you feel the passion to live
Do not be put off by fear
They tell you that the world is lost
They tell you this is your last year
Reload and aim right to the core
This fight does never end
You hold the reason in your mind
Fading as you defend

Keep going, keep going
No sense in being broken
Hope's waiting so far away
Keep going, keep going
Fulfill the words you have spoken
Awaiting a brand new day

Tie my hands, get me to a wall
Fire a fucking thousand rounds
You can´t prevent me from the way
I call you poser clowns
You cannot preach me for who I am
What I have, where I go
Shut up and listen to my words
There´s something you should know

I... I´m above your hate
Choosing my own fate
Never to return again
I'm choosing my destiny... Go!

We are the full moon
Shining in the day
Rising and falling
Just to rise again