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Rock n Roll Army hard rock-rock / Praha

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  • No Way To Pussycat- Night Club 666 (2005) 20 ×
  • Hollywood Nightmare- ROCK N ROLL SS (2012) 12 ×
  • Revenge of Vampires- S.E.X. DEPARTMENT (2007) 688 ×
  • Wasted In Texas- ROCK N ROLL SUICIDE (2009) 8 ×
  • Night of Demons- ROCK N ROLL SS (2012) 5 ×
  • Heroin- ROCK N ROLL SUICIDE (2009) 8 ×
  • L'Italiano- ITALIANI (2012) 3 ×
  • Rocky Joe- Night Club 666 (2005) 3 ×
  • Sir Yes Sir- S.E.X. DEPARTMENT (2007) 4 ×
  • Eutanazia- ITALIANI (2012) 3 ×

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( ex S.E.X. Department and Hollywood Vampires )


Bio a historie

If you’re an old fuckin’ rocker, hopeless glamster, bloody blood sucker, renegade cop, postatomic dusty bastard; if you’re pissed off rookie, half beast, last but not least, lookin’ for some luck but all you want tonight is fuck, dirty junkie, creature stuck in the darkness; if you like countersteering, high speed, beautiful girls with big boobs; if you’re seaman, nasty whore, little bitch or an old witch, with no money or really rich, noble or beggar and your parents with your relatives don’t give a fuck about you, ROCK N ROLL ARMY is the family you’re lookin’ for.

ROCK N ROLL ARMY fights against evil manipulation of art and especially music, combining military experience and army methods with the World of art, philosophy and health. 

ROCK N ROLL ARMY merges discipline, physical and mental training, approach to combat and use of weapons, martial arts and fraternity with personal and artistic improvement, mind revolution and philosophy of life. 

ROCK N ROLL ARMY can help you with any kind of problem: professional, artistic or personal, ... The study is the solution. 

ROCK N ROLL ARMY is you, operating worldwide, in the infinity of skies, in the icy waters or on the Mother Earth. 
The motto is: Rock N Roll Macht Frei ! 
...and if you are locked down somewhere and you got no way out, remember my friend... 

ROCK N ROLL ARMY gonna take you home safe and free !!!

The ROCK N ROLL ARMY's code of honour guides you wherever you may be asked to serve or anywhere you might be needed by Rock ’n’ Roll.


Article 1 
You are a volunteer, 
serving Rock’n’Roll with 
honour and fidelity. 
Ask at your nearest RNR ARMY office or check the web.

Article 2 
Each soldier of RNR ARMY is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his age might be. You show to him the same close solidarity that links the members of our Rock’n’Roll family.

Article 3 
You respect all traditions of Rock Music and your superiors. Discipline and friendship are your strengths. Courage and honesty are your virtues.

Article 4 
The mission of Rock’n’Roll for you is sacred. It is carried out until the end, in the respect of the customs of war, if needs be, at the risk of your own life. 

Article 5 
Everything happens inside the Department is an absolute secret, except for promotional actions.

Article 6 
Only filthy merchants of Death and who supports discographic global robbery, will be immediately excluded with dishonor and public mockery. No other precise reason of exclusion will be communicated.

So, join up !!! Become ROCK'N'ROLL ARMY officer! It's your time !