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  • Don't Ya Treat Me Bad
  • The Captain of Rock N Roll
  • No Way To Pussycat
  • Hollywood Nightmare
  • Revenge of Vampires
  • Wasted In Texas
  • Night of Demons
  • Heroin
  • L'Italiano
  • Rocky Joe
  • Sir Yes Sir
  • Eutanazia
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BACKSTAGE - The True Story Of Rock N Roll "official trailer"

Ostatní Vznik: 10.11.2019
BACKSTAGE - The true story of Rock N Roll - official trailer.
Produced and survived by ROCK N ROLL ARMY.
This documentary series is what they don’t tell you about Rock N Roll. About what’s behind the Death of a young boy. About reaction to lies. About fast and faster cars. About an Army of Vampires, without light in their empty eyes, waiting for the Darkness, stuck in an eternal ride through the Night. The only one exit is: Rock N Roll City. At this point, away from lies, you are free to play your music