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Seppuka thrash-metal / Český Těšín

„Metal Tsunami vol.VIII“

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Text skladby Who´s Guilty

z alba P.R.P

Autor hudby: Seppuka
Autor textu: Seppuka

Who´s quilty?

they can every thing, you can absolutely nothing
Since from first steps, life according to plan,
Although it´s not yours – wasted illusion,
Sour naive thoughts, that it´s ill get better.

Everyone the author of theirown luck? Nice crap.
Long ago has the fate been sealed, what now?
Is it even fucken worth it? Always the same bug in the head

Not possible to have your own opinion
Humbly accepting your reward, sentenced to strengthless
requesting a pardon, the truth is totally elsewhere.

Crowds of ass kissers quaking for a reward,
Then blindly looking into your eyes, not understandable,
they got their own language
are they from another fucking planet?

Rf: Remember, there´s a reason to live
Even under a bench don´t got to rotten
take it easy – everything´s got it´s time
Don´t forget, you still have us.