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Seppuka thrash-metal / Český Těšín

„Metal Tsunami vol.VIII“

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Text skladby Round Table

z alba P.R.P

Autor hudby: Seppuka
Autor textu: Seppuka

Round table

It´s not that long ago,at the same place, we spent time together
passed over feeling and gave courage, that screwedregime, was all around us

We were all as one, some comunist couldn´t effect us at all
They bad thein red idol sout god was in music and us

Holow hrade are in each era, when you don´t give up-it won´t break you
No one has the right to control your wals, the srenght is in you, so be yourself

They say Now it´s different, bull, it´s only been a couple of years
A coule of more assholes woth a different name, in the press at the trough continues

That table is long gone, but there´s more and more of us
We still like banging our heads, smoking, get trashed on beer and live it up