Separator - Album: Thief of life |
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Separator metal / Hodonín

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  • The Glutton (EP - 2016)
  • Empty Room (EP - 2016)
  • Don´t Worry Be Sad (EP - 2016)
  • You Still Wonder Why (EP - 2016)
  • Die Inside Your Pride (EP - 2016)
  • The Lost Army (EP - 2016)
  • Jack the Ripper (Thief of Life EP 2014)
  • Party Hard (Thief of Life EP 2014 )
  • On the Other Side(Thief of Life EP 2014)

Vydavatelství: Separator
Producent: Separator
Mix: AD Studio, Paradox studio, Shark studio
Mastering: Paradox Studio
Album art: Patrick,,tequila´´Fialka


Thief of life

22. 8. 2014

present you our new EP, which we prepared in April of that year. It includes three recordings: Jack the Ripper, Party Hard and On the Other Side.

We recorded it in three studios (SHARK, PARADOX and AD STUDIO) this also thank you all for your cooperation. Considerable thanks also to Zdeňěk Baťka, who helped us as a guest to record dulcimer song On the other side.