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  • "The Theatre of Torture" (CD In the Secretion of Upcoming Days 2
  • "Eaten Alive" (Promo CD 2015)
  • "Crushing Humanity" (The Shreds of Oblivion CD)
  • "Homicidal Premonitions" (The Shreds of Oblivion CD)
  • "Blood Red Path" (Promo CD 2011)
  • "Beyond the Gates of Doom" (Promo CD 2011)
  • "Homicidal Premonitions - R.O.T.L.D. remix" - 2012
  • "Koln City Graveyard" - Intro

SECTESY - "Crushing Humanity" 2014

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 17.1.2015
Disciples of self-destruction unseen
Bloodstained minds feeding on their greed
Behold the uncontrollable rage inside
While you obey your hostile intolerance

Compromized by own weakness
Subject to inherit perversions

Hordes of the damned imprisoned in aggression
Dignify the cruelty and follow the human failure
On sadistic paths towards extinction
Designated attack – serenity impaled

Crushing humanity, violent urge disgraced
Pray to be hunted, pay for god’s hate to makind

Self-violation through sweltering sickness
Unregret the brutality, torture brought upon
The endless stream of ignorance
Vengeance breeds punishment

Sacrificed to the ones from the depths
Dwelling in the realm of butchery
With instatiable need for the burial stench
The rise of blood-drenched sorceries

Souls inflicted in devoid of justice
Subject to unavoidable extinction

Deconstruct those left behind
No time for sacrifice as the unborn rise
Nothing stands the punishment
Bloodlust prophecy fulfilled