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  • "Koln City Graveyard" - Intro

SECTESY - "Soul Erosion" 2014

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 10.1.2015
Awaken to mourning with the wounds undrained
In search for endless abominations I defy my fate
Adversely blinded by the remnants of oblivion
The change of treason brings new hate

Fear invades the mind as the monster grows inside
Still motionless in malicious shadows
Stepping on salvation when the grief resumes

Demise of reason through supreme endowment
Reanimated by the years of humiliation
Now I deny your restless mortality
Trembling echoes of the haunting past

Distorted dreams of eternal perfection
Ravaging chaos, opposition surmounts the void
At last stronger by the will to defile
Come forth and bow to the shame

Visions of uncertainty -- perception of the unknown
Visions of retribution -- no burden of redemption

Merciless resurrection, I rise in raging turmoil
Bound by the twisted essence of the life beyond the grave
Turning to gore in a perpetual quest for oppression

Awaken with the hunger for domination
Victimized by infinity, the mourners swept away
Spawned from beyond the man's true nature
The new horizons bring no pain

Unmercifully deceased through desecration
Unearthed in a ceremonial feast