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Saveyourself melodic-hardcore / Chropyně

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  • Modern Plastic Age (2020)
  • L.D.H.B. // Life Deals Hardest Blows // (2020)
  • We Walk Alone (Acoustic Version 2019)
  • Miserable act (2019)
  • We walk alone (2019)
  • Burn the Bridges (2019)

Saveyourself - L.D.H.B. (BombJack Studio clip)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 14.2.2020
Music video for "L.D.H.B." by Saveyourself.

Bandcamp :

Directed by Oldřich Vožda
Starring: Saveyourself & Wendell Dreisetl

Video Produced by OMP (Oldova Music Page) -…

Recorded at Bombjack Studios (September 2019) -
Music Mixed & Mastered by Wendell Dreiseitl


Saveyourself, a five-member group, musically moving between HC and post-hardcore. The band's emphasis is on melody, sharp riffs, and the urgency of singing, where the "poisonous" spittting loudspeaks meet strong refrains, with enough space for concert singalong.

eRko - vocals
Dan - guitar, background vocals
Ritchie - guitar, background vocals
Dandy - drums
EMBO - bass


Hold up, brother
Breathe it in and breathe it wise
Supress the demon
One way ride to mental breakdown

Forget all circumstances
Enjoy your ride
On egde of fortune
We're one step from your downfall

You cannot win this war
It's like head against the wall
Sorry but you're fighting this habit again

Spiny circle of hatred
So, step inside
Listen to reverb
Words that no one follow

And all those fucking demons
Devouring soul
You feel disabled
And now you’re drowned in sorrow

Stronger will survive
Keep that in mind

You cannot win this war
It's like head against the wall
Sorry but,you're fighting this habit again

When loneliness and hatred will swarm
You can't take any more
Zero chance and everybody knows
Life deals hardest blows