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Saved By The Fortune alternative-post hardcore / Praha

„New songs coming soon!“

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Text skladby Shipwreck On A Skyscraper

z alba Anchors Aweigh

Autor hudby: SBTF
Autor textu: Patrik & Joey

(Am I sane?)
Shaping pictures inside your head
But I...
(Am I weak?)
Try to withstand delusions of faith
But I'm afraid...

I can fight
I can
You stand in my way
To see
Dare to call me clown
It's breaking you down
playing with your mind
Tell me now!
What you live for?
The pieces are on the floor
You never let me down
Isn´t it all just in your mind?
Take me away
I know who I am
You have to pick it up or take a rope

You said you had a chance...
You said you had a chance
to prove that you're the one
they all seem to expect
Are you drinking dust?
Are you?
You said you didn't care
but I can see you wondering
what they said... What was it?
Do you know the lust?
Do you?

You said you'd never keep
yourself from doing what you're meant
I am zero negative
Why would you care?
Your reality?
It's breaking you down
playing with your mind
You know I lie you know I always will

You said you wanted freedom
but your mind is still too
full of stupid shit
Are you drinking dust?
Are you?
You said you want to run away
from all that's behind just for
this... What was it?

See what's there
in my mind
you pushed me out
towards the sky
(Am I gone?)
Stop it now
no more games
try to see
your big mistake
(Am I done?)
Shut it out
you make no sense
make it worth
live your life

What did you say?
(I knew you!)
You saved me
To see me hang myself (Get it out!)

You will never understand! (NO!)
I´m the last one to plug you out!
Sand bleeds right out of my eyes!
You will never understand!

Oh No... I really hold on to (my)
You never let me down
Just clear out your head
and all will be fine
Give me shot
Here I now belong
Here I now belong