Saved By The Fortune - Text a video My Favourite Galleon Crew z alba Anchors Aweigh |
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Saved By The Fortune alternative-post hardcore / Praha

„New songs coming soon!“

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Text skladby My Favourite Galleon Crew

z alba Anchors Aweigh

Autor hudby: SBTF
Autor textu: Patrik & Joey

Bleeding crown (of thorns)
Nails covered with treachery
Dragging my entire being down the road
Forgive me now (forgive)
The veil has fallen over me
Crushing waves repeat the mistakes of mankind

Did the coin gleam at your eye?
I never saw such a lie
You sold me for the sake of myself
Wanna hear what I think now?
I´d rather say goodbye
But in the end of all I forgive you

I'm heading out, for the shore,
Never look back, as you're told
Never try to see the ruin you left behind
To see it burn, see it fall
You would have to turn to stone
Frozen to the place nowhere to go

And now I'm falling down...
don´t look back
Now I'm falling down, greedy like the ocean in the storm

Come to me (blind folded)
I've seen you preaching to the poor
How'd you like to be immortal for the price of life?
Basically (it was easy)
All you have to do is say
I'm guilty for the things I've never done!

Chafe the coal
Pick up rake
Punish me
I´m feeling brave, in my head

On the Field of Blood, there I ceased
I burst asunder in the midst
And all my bowels but gushed out on the soil
I will let you turn around
Just to see the tails
I won´t let you see the light
For it´s bursting through my eyes

What did you just do?
Throwing me to the wolves
Waiting for your chance to return
(Waiting for your chance to return, hunger swallows itself)

Who's the snake? (I´ve told you)
He who wears the fleece of lamb
Or the one that helped him on the throne
Bleeding crown (Brings fame)
Nails covered with treachery
Dragging my entire being down the road