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Saved By The Fortune alternative-post hardcore / Praha

„New songs coming soon!“

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Text skladby Dare To Stay After 11pm / Face The Truth By Sunrise

z alba Stars Having A Briefing Over Problemhood

Autor hudby: SBTF
Autor textu: Joey & Jouns

What the heck is this,
wakin-up at six?
Whose the heck is this,
lipstick on my dick?

My life isn´t dry with you - touches are so true
but why should you drive her home?
May I ask you for not to see each other again

I´m not in mood for kinky things at all
Firepit´s burnt out – can´t you see
My life fades away rotten veins
I Don´t wanna play Wii games with you now
Why am I to blame?
Why am I to blame?
Not yet babe not yet babe

What the heck is this
distorted street I´ve missed?
Who the heck is this
bum beggin´ for a tip?

Hey here you are just take it all
Your kids won´t have to see
the hand falling down towards the floor

You lie to stain the purity
Why don´t you go back to your place
to feel bursting life, to see their smile, to forestall your wife´s pain?
get the fuck out of my head

Remember days when we knew butterflies
beautiful but frail - shaky lives
now I can recall their names
I´m giving flowers right into your hands
Please let me stay
Please let me stay
not yet babe no no no not yet babe

Just think could it be the way
"to lie to stain the purity"
My conscience is all tied up
Last week, lots of accidents,
Hippocratic oath It is
Perjury to everyone
But most of all to yourself

My thoughts were never meant to be the ones
To kill me on a sight – really not
For God´s sake it´s clear
I feel like getting my life back again
Dead-end I´m Out
Six Feet under ground