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Saprophyte / POHC hardcore / 08001 hardcore

„08001 HARDCORE“

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Text skladby no comeback

z alba ...on the right side

Run with weapon in your hand, you wanna be the hardest man
Cross the wood full of mines, between trees the bullets fly
Friends are dyin', you are cryin'
There's no comeback you still runnin'
For your life and for yourself, wanna win this stupid game

Now you get it pain and blood,
your breath is fast, it's not so hard
Kill him before he kills you,
it's only thing here you can do

So much violence on this Earth, so much evil, so much dirt
You feel like smoke in the wind, this game you will never win
So you kill for someone rich,
you know that your life is bitch
Stick the barrel in your mouth, truth is in your fuckin' gun
You can't do it, you want to die,
but this is war and you must fight