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Rusty Fox hard rock-rock'n'roll / Ostrava


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Text skladby Satisfied

z alba The Cure

Autor hudby: Rusty Fox
Autor textu: Lucio Massarotto

The words that you said that day
when we heard a banal tune
I know you were serious
despite your smiling eyes

Believe me, it's a thing I've been planning long
and it's a thing that seems simple
but it should be heartfelt

Everyday the thought of you
brings to me things so pleasant
Even though plain words are one
of the best ways

My fantasy sometimes lacks of experience
and it takes some time
to put the pieces together

Then it stings and it pinches and it pushes from the inside
and finally my tongue moves and it seems to me

It seems to me that I could stay here forever
When we're alone my heart feels ready for us both
Your blissful smile, your loving hands in mine
make me feel satisfied

'Cause it's a thing I've been planning long
and it's a thing that took so long

The words that you said that day
they seem so curious
What you said that day