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Rusty Fox hard rock-rock'n'roll / Ostrava


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Text skladby I lay the blame on you

z alba Rusty Fox

Autor hudby: Rusty Fox
Autor textu: Lucio Massarotto

The way that it started...it was a miracle
When our souls got together, when we were closer than ever
We were ready to fight even though poisons layed in ambush
But we survived, we survived

Then my mistakes showed the strict face of fate
And I'll never deny it, but I was always true to you
Then I fell on my knees for you and your reaction was a nod
But you already knew it wasn't true

I believed that our dream could finally come true
But you didn't tell me it was just a dream of mine
Then you got your license and your reason got lost
You started looking for more and betrayed me

Then you turned me around till the very last day
Then stabbed me so hard, stabbed me so badly
Now I want to let it go 'cause I can't trust you anymore
You buried our love, you buried our love

I was blinded by love, I was blind and I know
I misjudged you, idolized you
Then you spit on my hardest sacrifice,
and you spit on my toughest step forward

I was blinded by love, I was young and I know
But you mocked me and you fooled me
So now I lay the blame on you