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Rocket Engines rock'n'roll / Praha

„new album right now !“

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  • Road Movie- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 20 ×
  • Conspiracy Theory- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 18 ×
  • Sorcerer- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 18 ×
  • Zombie Voodoo- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 19 ×
  • Psychonaut- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 22 ×
  • Boogeyman- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 21 ×
  • Hopeless Creation Of God- Empire Of Chaos (2021) 22 ×
  • Alligator (Empire Of Chaos 2021) 22 ×
  • The Born Losers Theme (Empire Of Chaos 2021) 19 ×
  • Sex - Drugs - Alcohol and Gummy Bears- Boy-Z and Rockin' Asteroids (2019) 126 ×
  • Into the Vortex- Boy-Z and Rockin' Asteroids (2019) 128 ×
  • Cyberactive Head- Boy-Z and Rockin' Asteroids (2019) 149 ×
  • Asteroid Baby- Boy-Z and Rockin' Asteroids (2019) 196 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • God Is In Beer ("5" 2017 remix) 116 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Dimension ("5" 2017 remix) 95 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Hideaway ("5"2017 remix) 111 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Motor City Graveyard ("5"2017 remix) 108 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Rock-n-roll Soul- 5 (2017) 85 ×
  • Orpheus - remastered (2016)- Dirty Rock Superstar (2010) 369 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Here We Go- Heretics (2013) 1 324 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Bad To The Bone- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 1 153 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Rock´n´Roll Evil Doll- Raw Blues (2008) 748 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Downtown- Raw Blues (2008) 555 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Rock ' n' Roll Dynamite - remastered (2016)- Dirty Rock Superstar (2010) 150 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • II.Cult Of Eset (2016) 145 ×
  • I. At Dawn Of Amber Fountain (2016) 229 ×
  • Rosalyn (Heretics 2013) 243 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Dust And Bones- Heretics (2013) 1 269 ×
  • Hello My Hermes- Heretics (2013) 939 ×
  • Go...Johnny...Go...!!!- Heretics (2013) 1 227 ×
  • Lexicon Of Evil- Heretics (2013) 1 465 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Anthem Animus...with Timothy Leary- Heretics (2013) 775 ×
  • Rock Your Soul- Heretics (2013) 1 108 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Candyman- Heretics (2013) 984 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Night Rider- Heretics (2013) 851 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Acidhead- Dirty Rock Superstar (2010) 1 320 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Stars And Bars- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 521 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Strays- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 789 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Spawns Of Underworld- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 471 ×
  • Born To Rock- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 1 072 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Moonshine- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 848 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Rocket Party- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 797 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Wasted- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 670 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Heartbeat- Enjoy the Engines (2009) 759 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Summertime Blues- Raw Blues (2008) 659 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Gas For My Engine- Raw Blues (2008) 775 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Rocket Booster- Raw Blues (2008) 676 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Time and Space (demo 2006) 413 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma


Kontakty a odkazy

Dodatečné info

CZ "Rock/N/Roll" Band and "bastard projects"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx since Year :


2004 ALIEN FACTOR - Book Of Revelation part 1 (I.B.K.- instruments/Tomas Pejřil-programming)....................................(genre:electroblack-n-rollmetal)

2006 ROCKET ENGINES - Underground Warrior (demo:I.B.K-g/dr/v,Krat-bass)(šraml)

2008 ROCKET ENGINES - Raw Blues (line up: I.B.K.-guit.voc./Krat-bass/Kulda-drums)

2009 ROCKET ENGINES - Animalive (záznamy z konzertů 2007 - 2008,line-up:I.B.K.-g/v,P."Kulda"Jordan-bicí,Krat-bass)    (škvár,brak....naprostej šraml)

2010 ROCKET ENGINES - Enjoy the Engines (I.B.K.-g/v/dr,P.Kohan-bicí,Krat-bass)

2010 ROCKET ENGINES - Dirty Rock Superstar... (I.B.K+Android)

2011 FALIEN ACTOR - Geist der Alien Musik   (I.B.K.-instruments,voc / T.Pejřil-istruments,programming..................(

2012 FALIEN ACTOR - Nacht Musik (ing.Pejřil/I.B.K.).....(genre:dark-ambient-metal)

2012 ROCKET ENGINES - Mission Of Love - EP (3 sk.I.B.K.-g/dr/v,Krat-bass+3 sk. live - I.B.K.-guit./voc.,Krat-bass,Ing.Pejřil-guit.,M.Szántó-drums)

2013 ROCKET ENGINES - Heretics............ (I.B.K.-g/dr/v,Krat-bass)......

2016  ROCKET ENGINES - At Dawn Of Amber Fountain EP (Boy-Z : g/dr/v, Krat : bass)

2016  ROCKET ENGINES - Sventa Ignis EP (Boy-Z : g/b/dr/v)

2017  ROCKET ENGINES - Where Is Dimension of Love - 5track mini

(Boy-Z/Casey/Stanley H/Phill R)


 Rock-n-Roll Evil Doll   2008

intro: hey strange city in stormy weather...we are comin for good times

beautiful women in black leather...spellbound youth in rockin times

we comin only for woman heart ... we searchin only for woman heart

I don't care about nothing...nobody care about me

I am in a state when i look like dead ... morning after I bleed

I am livin on sound of my cheap guitar ... creeping in dirty hole

Watch my face in toilet groove ... cause I am rock-n-roll evil doll

I don't need no doctor ... I am permanent disease

piss upon your credit card ... gotta have some fun please

Smoking on  graveyard ... drinkin the beer ... drownin in alcohol

 Watch my face in your daily news ... I am Rock-n-Roll Evil Doll

Bad to the Bone

Gimme some sweet taste of your body...gimme shelter in your secret place honey

I am like vampire in your shadow...searching your hot sweat

I am evil dream in your excuse me...wake up this morning and found myself dead

I was in love with element of fire with disguise on your pretty face

cause I am bad to the bone...what's wrong with ya baby...i am Bad to the Bone.. don't you wanna go home ?

Gimme illusions gimme naked danger...i want ya see You like this ever again

Devil rides You my sweet angel...Your innocence is gone to Hell

I never lose my burning desire ... for something what always destroy me

But I believe that evil Is good ... only it save me ... so take it easy ... I am bad to the bone...what's wrong with ya baby ... make love to the bone ... don't you wanna go home with me ... I am Bad to the Bone


Baby lick rod in my favorit Rock Box

You have drink on me !!!

Long Time in the City ... it's Big Fun ... wang-dang-pussycat-teenage suicide

Fuck them all - fuck them all ... They will never treat me right

You wanna scream out your dirt ... open your eyes you're street child

We livin downtown ... We gonna down to the center of our mind

Street is full of a drug dreams ... somebody put me in my drink

Feel the spell of night time ... Imagination of your life

Sweet heart and soul jokes

Sweet heart and soul ... We gonna get out ... get down

We livin Downtown ... We gonna down to the center of our mind


Wild deers and birds ! ...  I am son of Muse

Son of Kaliope and Apollon ... Sirens pale ! ... pale by jealousy

but we livig in peace and Love... we living in peace and love

..only Woman is beyond...shadow beyond...shadow beyond


ref: Day after day ... drivin' me insane ...I leave this woman in underworld

,,tear me to pieces...and break my guitar...I'll never go back to underworld


ooh, please Charon !...Hades and Persefona ..please take me back my Love

Great big sinners...Thanatos and Ixon...It's my prayer of Rock-n-Roll

Only woman Is beyond ... shadow beyond ... shadow Beyond


Step by step , closer and closer to Sun

Burn all the bridges...on this way  burn down down

Don't look back...don't look back

Don't extinguish what doesn't make you buuuuuurrrn !



I feel like in reservation in my neighborhood...maybe doesn´t matter

Run away from my frustration...lost in a should surrender

Too much chemical analyzes performed on knowns...i don´t remember

Too much restrictions..too much police cars..whole city eye controls my funny hair

I wanna get high..high as the sky..kiss my ass goodbay

Playn on my birthday party..dude..drinkin all these summertimes

Monday to sunday party nights open till we gonna blind

It´s time to shoot the moon..she tell me don´t be a fool

Get out you sucker...learn to well behaviour!  Here we go

I care about estrogen in your pretty womb..i sweat  testosteron

Lesbian vampire at  christian school...i am roman emperor

We fly to HD69830D...damaged DNA..product of NASA

Whole city eye controls my funny hair

It´s brain is full of whiskey...Here we go!





Into the limits of outher physical body

Substance which belongs to mineral empire

Vital principle ... something vegetal ... Soul abyssal

Animal instinct ... Inner sensors ... Stardust intelect

Awakening the child within ... Awakening the child within

Iˇm like fallin Asteroid Baby ...  I'm like fallin Asteroid Baby

Loosen the bonds that bind you to the earth

Remember images in a dream

From Mercury to the Saturn over Venus

Through the milk and light of Sun ... REF ... ))

If you wanna fall with me ... you believe that i fallin with you in Love

In the bending universe of souls ... I'll find you inside the wormhole :-)



I got nothing but a rusty old car...Does nothing but a rusty sound

It's sound from motor graveyard...Screaming murder in concrete brownfield

Will you won't you will you won't you will you won't you join the dance ?

Hey men ,Packard twin six is better than Cadillac

Will you won't you will you won't you will you won't you join the dance ?

Everywhere in the world we're same hard working maniacs

Gas station is near...We gotta cofee and cigarette

Gas station is here...We tank gasoline and beer

Escape route is panic police attack

Escape route is clear.. take Gasoline and beat it

Your look is frowzy like house in Detroit...Everything you own is just a old school junks

Rock-n-Roll frenzy beating in your heart...boy

You don't look like a hipster or like some punk


We gotta party in the sunshine...and barel of beer

Stand here to drink until the moonlight...Salvation is near

Celebrate the solstice in your village...i donẗ know when i turn back home

Everybody, even someone who's from town..i don't know..i don't know

because God is in beer..God is in Beeer and nobody is allowed to stay sober.. here

Hey baby pick it up..your phone is know what you gonna wear

Hey girls these boys are goin' don't have be so scared


Where is dimension of Love..where is a girl with venusian energy

I don't know..but i would like to shine with you

Where is your temple of dreams...don't you know what i mean

I wanna be that only one..You make me that happy one

Sweet child who do you love

I don't know..but i would like to shine with you

In your eyes i can see somethig is look so tragic when i talk about dying

Bad mood changes in a satisfied smile and state of rapture..when i fill your tummy by the sun

Where is Dimension of Love...Is it below or above

I wanna be that only make me that happy one

Sweet child who makes Youuuuuuuuu

I don't know ..but i would like to shine with you

like a dog i howl at the moon..I search for places where all cats dream

I still wonder why these cats don't like me

Sweet child you know what i mean

I am sure you don't ..but i would like to shine with You


You ask me whay do you look so suppose that i should be dead

It's o.k. i am little mistreated...sometimes i look a little jaded

I am back from hell...on fire..I bring you all my Rock-n-roll Soul

I was in hell my desire.....I give you all my Rock-n-roll Soul

I can't help myself...sorry.. i was too much sweet, sweet lady..don't wanna tell you lie

Things i can't get out of my head...Unpleasant expanse of my bed

It's o.k. i am little deserted..i will make this song sofisticated

I am back from hell...on fire..I bring you all my Rock-n-roll Soul

I was in hell my desire......I give you all my Rock-n-roll Soul


I wanna rock it... you wanna roll It..let's go, kick it up the amps again

You wanna snuff it..and i eat it..come on tell me somethig new

Chinese cooperation or Dalajlama...U.F.O. invasion...president greets you

I like my Hidaway..price of gasoline scare me again

Country Hideaway...especially when everyone is leaving

Hidaway...I am sick on supermarket rush again

I love my Hidaway...especially when everyone is sleeping

I met you at the exuded an aura beautiful

but i have already spent my money on something else

Hippie intelectuals...eaters of prana...hey redneck electors...government needs you


Bright Molecules Of Neon...Power of Akira...Chiba City Antihero...Deus Ex Machina

Ninsei and Tokyo Bay...Biotechnology...Microprocessor Inplants...Elective Surgery

I surf on the wave..In my cyberactive head...I surf on the Wave...Surf down to land of dead

New Civilization Network...Hydroponic Forrest of Ganja...Talking head of android

Holograms of ninjas...Abstract imitation of sunset...Infinite emptiness

Connect your defective program...into the system of Sensenet

I surf on the my cyberactive head...I surf on the down to land of dead


Have you heard the sounds of the oceans

Follow by the voice of trees

Do you feel like in a solar explosion

Moon is waiting for you and me


Through the valleys and mountains high

Prometheus goes for fire

Irresistible tendencies...You wanna be  Hero...


Stand by me my guardian angel

Let me retain my self-confidence

Gimme the strenght if i would be lazy

Let me retain my own credence



Cute girl give me some motivation
Assimilate my essence into your bones
Pretty please me like  Eve in your paradise
Only apple that you taste is rock-n-roll

Sweat started out of my backbone
Heart beating wild when you squeeze me
We have enough time to
Sex,drugs,alcohol and gummy bears

Ió Pan !!! - solo flute :))

Infinitely many combinations
Infinitely many kind of love
Look into my eyes and hang on to me...yes
Like a snake on a three..i guess you can kiss me 

Hello ! is department of youth
Thousand light years in universe
We dont take any responsibility...for
Sex,drugs,alcohol and gummy bears

Bio a historie

Po tragický smrti Petra Sokola a rozpadu punkovejch KANÁL 95 se Krat a Bastardo po letech rozhodli dát dokopy rock'n'rollovou kapelu. Pod vlivem Mötorhead, Jimiho Hendrixe, Chucka Berryho, MC-5, Ramones, Iggyho Popa, AC/DC, ale i třeba raných Iron Maiden se v roce 2004 v Týnci nad Sázavou pojmenovali Rocket Engines (mimochodem se tak jmenuje otvírák z desky Space Age Playboys od Warrior Soul, kteroužto se doslova sjížděli den co den). Na bicí se přidává Pavel Jordan (aka Kulda), a tak vzniká trio, které roku 2008 nahrává ve studiu Hostivař prvních deset věcí pod názvém "Raw Blues", načež Kulda z kapely odchází. V letech 2009 a 2010 se za bicíma vystřídá Petr Kohan a Eda Dřízga. V témž období vznikly náhrávky "Enjoy the Engines" a "Dirty Rock Superstar". Následuje "menopauza" a spolupráce s extravagatním kytaristou a všestranným hudebníkem Ing. Pejřilem. Roku 2012 přichází bubeník Dan Dyk a kapela se takřka stěhuje do Prahy. V roce 2013 střídá Inga kytarista Kuba Kořínek alias Rockin Casey. Mezitím vzniká v Hostivaři nahrávka "Heretics". Následně Casey odchází hrát s The Backroad Deals a roku 2015 nastává další "menopauza", načež definitivně kapelu opouští jak Dan Dyk tak i dlouholetej držák, božský Kraťák. Nicméně roku 2016 do kapely přicházejí rodáci z Pelhřimova, bubeník Standa a basák Filip a vrací se Casey(The Backroad Deals).V této sestavě v roce 2017 vzniklo "Where is Dimension of Love"(5 tracks)

A few years a
fter tragic death of Petr Sokol and the breakdown of punk band KANÁL 95 in 2004 (in Týnec nad Sázavou City) Krat and Bastardo decided to put together rock'n'roll band under the influence of Mötorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, MC-5, Ramones, Iggy Pop, AC / DC, and perhaps Alice Cooper... they were called Rocket Engines (by the way, it is song by Warrior Soul, which we listened every day). In lineup with Pavel Jordan on drums we recorded in Hostivař studio first ten-tracks CD called "Raw Blues"..and.. In 2008 drummer leaved the band. In 2009 and 2010 replaced him Petr Kohan and Ed Dřízga. In the same period we created records "Enjoy the Engines" and "Dirty Rock Superstar".. and something like "rocket menopause" has come..and then...extravagant guitarist and versatile musician Ing.Pejřil is coming. ..and then..In 2012 drummer Dan Dyk came into band and the band almost moved to Prague...and instead of "Ing")) came guitarist Rockin'Casey. In the meantime, we recorded "Heretics". Subsequently, Casey went to play with The Backroad Deals and in 2015 another "rocket menopause" has come .. and finally..Dan Dyk and the long-standing bull, the divine.. Krat, leaved the band definitively. However,.. in 2016 ..the band supported  drummer Stan and bassman Phill from Pelhřimov (city))).and Casey returns(The Backroad Deals).This line-up was created "Where is Dimension of Love"(5 tracks) in april 2017