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    Paralyzed (Short Version)
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  • Paralyzed
    Let's Break the Silence
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Text skladby Paralyzed

z alba Let's Break the Silence

Autor hudby: Jan Doležal & Rocket Bunny
Autor textu: Jan Doležal

[Verse I]
So here I am
It's so crazy
Similiar face
Gloomy place
I feel some kind of tension inside

Oh, goddamn
My body is shaking
Can someone tell
What the hell
It's happening with my mind?

I can't do nothing about it
It's coming through my body
Waking up and I'm hardly breathing
I can't move, this feeling is so strong

I should just forget about it
Stop thinking about it
Just check that my heart is still beating
And in second it all will be gone

[Verse II]
Once more
It's so frustrading
Lying in bed
It's in my head
I'm too scared to turn off the light

Like before
The same ending
Always here
I'm filled with fear
But I keep coming back every night

Now it’s all gone!