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Text skladby No Way Out

z alba Let's Break the Silence

Autor hudby: Jan Doležal & Rocket Bunny
Autor textu: Jan Doležal

[Verse I]
Show me something that I haven't seen yet
Just let me know if I'm still alive
Am I slowly dying or am I already dead?
I don't have any clue

[Verse II]
I can't stand to be alone with my feelings
This room feels more like a prison cell
Lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling
There's nothing else I can do

[Pre-chorus I]
The world keeps turning around
Every moment is breaking me down
I need to escape somehow

[Chorus I]
But there's no way out
There's no way out

[Verse III]
Help me find a reason so I can breathe again
I've been running in circles way too long
It's quite hard to think with an open mind when
There's so much pain inside you

You may say that I'm insane
I'm just trying
To take control
I've got deamons in my brain
Just keep surviving
I wanna feel nothing at all
But my heart's about to burst
I'm still waiting
For someone to make it right
And take me away from here

[Chorus II]
There's no way out
Thought I'm trying
I can't seem to find it
There's no way out
Thought I'm searching
I've still got no guidance
There's no way out
Thought I'm breathing
My body is dying
There's no way out