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Retfish punk-rock / Košice

„Retarded Fish sa meni na RETFISH!“

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Text skladby Watchtower

z alba EP III

Autor hudby: Retfish
Autor textu: Peter Tešliar

You stabbed a dull knife into my back when I wasn’t expecting it you've cut my throat and drunk my blood purulent veins.. your last days.. trapped by starved sharks you’ll be haunted and eaten alive but veins will burst and drag you down, from heaven straight to the sump they’ll burst and choke you till you fall asleep breathtaking grip you’ll fall in love with I’ve never drunk wine instead of water, never spat into your mouth to kill the laughter Nevertheless a tough man has been seen while cutting the cancer off his screen that’s so dim that he can’t see through. Now everyone perceives his rough scream ruining houses, trees and dreams he gives back what he was given, I burned a path you chose to live on I gave you gold, you gave me a cold that killed me I made you brave, you dug out a grave that fits me Hand in hand with the Death lying on a glowing bed until we coalesce together We are traced through the hole by those who lost their direction.. they’re climbing our wall to stare at you and judge you, even if they don't know you But I do This summer in the Hell has changed a lot.