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Retfish punk-rock / Košice

„Retarded Fish sa meni na RETFISH!“

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Text skladby Question Marked Door

z alba II.

Autor hudby: RF
Autor textu: Martin Bilicka

"I am not scared! In my eyes you spotted just a coal colored speck." This small lie I won't ever forget. I said it once now I am repeating it all again. It echoes through my head while it's digging deeper in me. The question isn't what blackens these lines with blood the question is: who fucking cares?! Looking through my empty frames just to realize there is nothing to regret nor to miss or weep at. Is there something wrong in here? Are my senses fooling me? Has my past really just disappeared? The future shrugs its shoulders I'm scared to get older. Is there something at my entrance door? Numb I stare at the door asking questions like open it or not. Over the sound of my own fear my next step I can barely hear. Now I am scared as hell! My own knocking is ringing like a death bell. My head is seconds from the blast. I bet you don’t want to hear those voices in my head I bet you don’t care about any shit they would have said. I asked those voices if it's time to go on or fall in self-regret all alone? Question marks awoke my senses, hope it won’t be late it seems that all the time I was chasing my own tail! With breath held I've opened the door what I found wasn't eye-catching at all: desperately reviving my own heart as I was lying there without signs of life. All those small stories ending as tragedies, all those small battles ending with big victories all this we count as talk of bad luck all this we consider a cornerstone of our own fluke. It's the necessity of our life path / it makes us who we are inside. So if you find yourself resurrecting your own life, don't panic, as it's better to be done. ´Cause there is no time for cowardice and no reason to hide the only thing you need to do is aim for the heights.