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Retfish punk-rock / Košice

„Retarded Fish sa meni na RETFISH!“

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Text skladby Attic Under The New Roof

z alba II.

Autor hudby: RF
Autor textu: Martin Bilicka

After every smile there comes a tear. The rusty saying that everything must end is being proved with every count of a heartbeat, every time moon replaces sun. And there comes the darkest spark, like the one you have never wished for. It surrounds what is left of your appetite and you're kneeling to avoid the fall. Well it's not that bad when your hunger doesn't come from serenity or peace of mind. But this is not my case! Constantly turning back to what's left is the only reason my head is waking every morning. It draws happiness on the face I wear. A face that is hiding all the forgotten time. I know that part of me is on its way to die I am not complaining, I am accepting it all. But if there is some space for my very last wish, then please, let's take our chance: adopt the best of what we were and release it to who we all are now. Just don't let our remains decay. After every smile there comes a tear every time moon replaces sun.