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Retfish punk-rock / Košice

„Retarded Fish sa meni na RETFISH!“

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Text skladby Home

z alba EP 2013

Autor hudby: Retarded Fish
Autor textu: Martin Bilička

"Dear mother why do i always ask if our torture is one of gods tasks? those bruises, the pain, your black-eyed tear. why must we all live in permanent fear? I love you, you know that's undoubtedly fact but why brave out replace retreat again and again and again?" that's what daughter could ask her mother. "why pack our things? why leave this place? we have a fridge full of food, somewhere to sleep and everything we could wish" claiming there are worst conditions won't stop her from asking questions! "dear father why do i always ask why you trade family for a flask? what a model are you to your son? and why must he be always on guard? when your drunk psychopathic mind tries to kill your daughter or you wife again and again and again?" that's what a daughter could ask her father his reaction - destruction. one more thing needs to be told: What will be with a mother who stands up against this all? will there be a happy-end with smiling kids in colored beds? or will there only be downfall - mother underground dad in prison? what will be with a mother?! open your eyes. it's all around us.