Repulsed - Text skladby Forever Trusted z alba Patterns |
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Repulsed metal-metalcore / Praha

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Forever Trusted

z alba Patterns

Happiness could turn to misery.
Lies and sorrow are daily routine in life.
And he, the friend you have ever trusted
will request you. Request for your help.

You give him your hand like you always did
in your best faith, without no doubt.
When the blade of betrayal goes through your heart
you realized what you have done.

And with tears in your eyes
damning yourself.

Wanting your help, taking you down,
Endless regrets hunting your mind.

Innocent life snuffed out by the hand of evil.

Your blood on your shaky hands.
Finding someone to blame.
Pointing at desperate silhouette
which is looking back from the mirror.

You're confused and full of hate.
You nail your own casket.