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Remmirath experimental-metal / Bratislava

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Text skladby The Gunfighter's Quest for Enlightenment

z alba Shambhala Vril saucers

Western sun rips my eyes like
a giant yellow vulture
Riding across Gobi's carpet of sands
I seek the Aghartians to duel with
An oasis lies in the desert of your heart
But you are blind to see
In the dunes' solitude I collect the keys
and become tired of the world
Scavengers circle above
Biding to complete this cycle
The day now comes, son
Lay me down beneath that cactus
Settled by moths and bats
Let my grave stare
Into the bourbon horizon
And you're to continue the task!
And as he smiled
houseflies flew out of his mouth
Maggots danced in his ula
Scarlet saliva watered the dust
Everything a man shouldn't be
was written in his chest.
From desert plains I bring you love