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Remmirath experimental-metal / Bratislava

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Text skladby A Little Trip to the Stars

z alba Polis Rouge

-about a few magic evenings in august 2005-
(Hot august evening
The pilgrims sit musing
inside their momentary residence
Surrounded by the astral rustical peace
They declare brave drunk ideas.)
Minds flying over the forest´s sage-green roof
And the orange globe laughs at their smallness
while sinking lazily behind the horizon´s screen
Night´s elegant ink has spilled over
and thanks to the wine
they set their imagination on fire
And although they aren´t granted
to swim beyond horizons with the sunball,
(at least) they can raise just for a while
-somewhere near the Wain
taste the icy milk of stars;
then fall back down.
(And in the morning they´re already taking a seat
inside the train
carrying them so far from miracles.)