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Remains of Force heavy-metal / Brno

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Rise of Sacrifice

z alba Raising Mind


Here comes the rise of sacrifice
Creatures they made repay the lies
Broken people by a moneytalk
Enter the gate for a revenge walk
Here comes the rise of sacrifice
Dirty hands and bloody eyes
Legions of poor have fighting for
No suffering forevermore

Empires are falling
it’s end of possession
new order‘s growing
take a chance

Age of stress
age of fear
people are mess
for the ones who lead
Speechless mouth
just sign on the check
here comes the day
that breaks down your neck
All money to tax
for starving state
who take care
of a useless fate
Richies get wealthy
when the fool is poor
so kick‘em down man
beacuse that’s the rule

Raise the costs
raise the debts
hear them cry
like a drowning rats
How to live
when the mortgage calls
game with the rope
is knocking on the door
No cash for cure
no one to heal
despair is the only
sense to feel
But very last word
has been never said
over is coming
without a threat