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Remains of Force heavy-metal / Brno

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Beautiful Eyes

z alba Raising Mind


Beautiful eyes, long black hair fallen on her shoulders
exciting view takes breath, no chance
singing a song, waiting for seamen, waiting for their hearts
let's prepare for the bloody dance
She is a queen, queen of madness, love and passion
that's the point why sailors came
Father said don't believe women you'll get lost
lets prepare for bloody game

I wanna look in to your eyes
every day and every night
you are there I know and I know I really am
for you the chosen one

Beautiful eyes, long black hair fallen on her shoulders
calm wind leads a song far away
lost in a dream, disheveled sailor is staying at pier
listening voices from the sea
Captain said don't believe the sea it's dangerous
wiles and traps are everywhere
I don't care my life was empty ‘till now because
prison at the ship makes me insane

Death is waiting for me now
I dont want to falling down
I want to be for a while with you
Kissing, smiling, make off darling
together tomorow slowly dying
and the time will never end I look into you eyes