Recode the Subliminal - Text skladby In The Distance z alba Disconnected |
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Recode the Subliminal metal-rock / Praha

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Text skladby In The Distance

z alba Disconnected

Autor hudby: Devel Sullivan
Autor textu: Ryan Strain

As I search for you
Are you searching for me?
In my fear, I was blind
But now I see

Did you hear the amazing news?
A haven for me and you
Amnesty, a brand new start
I hope it's true

Will you come to me?
It's not too late, can't you see?
There is only history to leave behind

I look out to the setting sun
There, the ruins of home
What it was, what it is
What could have been

But I carry a broken heart
Filled with whispers of hope
I see your face, it strengthens me
And gives me faith

Will you come to me?
It's not too late, can't you see?
Picking up the pieces that we left behind

And I see you in the distance
I run to you
You don't need to say I'm sorry, but I do
Our eyes meet across the darkness
Come take my hand
As we run together to the promised land

Then the fire meets the sea
And disorder meets deception

As you're pulled into the distance
I call to you
Fall asunder, as my soul is torn in two
As you fade into the darkness
Gone from my view
You are all to me, and I will follow you

You are all to me and I'll follow you