Recode the Subliminal - Text skladby Malfunction z alba Disconnected |
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Recode the Subliminal metal-rock / Praha

„Nový album Disconnected venku!“

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Text skladby Malfunction

z alba Disconnected

Autor hudby: Jaroslav Lukáč
Autor textu: Ryan Strain

Waves of a malfunction
Sweep across like a webbed tsunami
Crashed by a glitch in the system
Mass confusion, a loss of command

A fusion of conciousness
A violence without resolve

We're losing possession
I abandon the will to restrain
We're losing possession
I surrender the strength to control
We've lost all control

All at once, the cybers turn
In an instant, an extermination
Mindless commitment to mass extinction
A violence without resolve

We are one mind, body, power
We are the world

Oh, without a sound
It's quiet now
There's nothing but you and me, love
Her empty eyes now filled with tears
Their beauty marred with regret

With broken hearts and broken trust
Her grasp opens to embrace him
He stumbles down
His face is pale
All feelings now turned to fear
(And just as quickly as it began,
our nightmare has come to an end)
(But I don't know who you really are,
how can I trust you again?)

Regaining possession
I'm reclaiming the will to restrain
Regaining possession
I recover the strength to control
Oh, what have I done?