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Recode the Subliminal metal-rock / Praha

„Nový album Disconnected venku!“

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Text skladby Adaugmen I The New Age

z alba Disconnected

Autor hudby: Devel Sullivan
Autor textu: Ryan Strain

It's an historical landmark
Your every dream is now reality
Unlimited choices
The key to your new life

There isn't a wrong that can't be made right
With this new technology
Open your mind to possibilities
(Self Reborn)
As we look on to life awakened
You have control over your futures
(Self Reborn)

Science now making history
Rewriting the laws of nature
(Self Reborn)
Free from the restraints of humankind
Advancing the standards of life
(Self Reborn)

To redeem the courage
Healing to relieve the shame
Revealing a purpose
A new life ascertained

To demolish the wanting
To diminish the curses of jealousy
To overcome evolutionary failures
(Self Reborn)
As we give in to satisfaction
As we give in to instant gratification

Augmentations expand the brain
With limitless streams from the hive
(Self Reborn)
Education spontaneous
Creating utopian minds

All desires
All deformations
All injustice
Can be unmade
The only affliction that can't be denied
Is the natural instinct, the plague that we call "man-kind"

As we succumb to augmentation
We've lost control of who we are
(Self Erased)

To redeem the courage
Healing to relieve the shame
Revealing a purpose
A new life ascertained

Deceiving the masses
Missleading to regain control
Concealing the purpose
A new age of darkness has come