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Rankyen hard rock-hard rock / Veverská Bítýška

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  • Nemám šajn (akusticky 2014)
  • All Through The Night
  • Odplouvám (akusticky 2014)
  • Standing My Ground (akusticky 2014)
  • Love Me (akusticky 2014)
  • Fool For Your Loving (akustický cover Whitesnake)
  • Walking In the Shadow of the Blues (akustický cover Whitesnake)
  • Rosie's
  • Love Me
  • Luck of the Draw
  • Always the Same

RANKYEN Acoustic - Love Me

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 30.6.2013
Acoustic version of Love Me (2012)


When the evening star
Shines up in the sky
Wanna have you near
Have you by my side

Wanna see you smile
Wanna feel your touch
Wanna hear you breathe
Wanna you so much

To be by my side
To take my hand
And hold in still
Till rocks turn to sand

In the stormy night
When the winds blow cold
Wanna be with you
Till the stars grow old

Wanna feel the thril
Comin´up my way
When you hold me tight
When you make me stay

Wanna feel your love
Being bond to mine
Being two in one
Till the end of time

Love me...
Heal me...
Touch me...
Feel me...
Hold me...
Hug me...
Kiss me...
Love me...

When the morning star
Heralds break of day
Wanna have you near
Wanna make you stay

Stay for day and night
And a night and day
Fill my soul with love
Love to lead our way

Wanna feel you soul
Being bond to mine
Being to in one
Till the end of time