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Radiopieces - Galaxies

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 13.7.2014
I was about to leave, about to call it a night, say last goodbye,
but then things got out of hand, as your little twisted mind planted a thought into mine
i must say that after nights of heavy drinking i often caught myself thinking along those lines
another bottle of wine, another secret to keep holding on holding on holding on

CH: In a place we both know, many galaxies away
where wildest dreams can grow, all throughout the day
i can't breathe and i cant see
your world is spinning around me,
embrace your innocence

So here we are, searching for a light in our dark lives
Oh, we've been burnt so many times, but just like a phoenix, brought back to life
Some might say that this is just a madness, resulting in sadness and ending with a smile
All I know is that there's gonna be another secret to keep holding, holding on