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Pyrrhura indie-folk / Nitra

„Less love“

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Text skladby The Spark In Your Eyes

z alba Spring

Not twicely I feel like I'm doing it right
I was really so blind I could not see the float
You have been fightin' and I have been silent
That is why now the spring is colored in violet light

You winked at me
Don't try deny it I've seen
You winked at me
You winked at me
You tapped me on my shoulder
Don't try to deny it
You stabbed me and it's over
I fell and that is it
I don't know if I have forced you
But it looks you've changed your mind
Or conspiracy theories went wrong
Oh, don't...

You tapped me on my shoulder
I saw, I felt, it hurt
You tapped me on my shoulder
Do I have the purple shirt?
I feel presence of some science
And the science that wants us...
I feel presence of some time
And that's dividing us
I feel presence of some mind
And the mind is warning us
I feel presence of something
And that still crosses our paths
Is it the spark in your eyes?
Is it the spark in your eyes?

I've made you laughin'
You've been laughin' out loud, I heard
I've made you laughin'
I've made you laughin'

Second time in January I felt the incredible heat
The joy that rises from smile of yours,
the pain that I cannot take a lead
We broke the rule we've set before
Because it's humiliation to observe it
And I opened my mouth, filled with the light
And I spoke up, and I failed it.

Take it off, somebody, please, take it off, somebody
I don't want to cause you any pain
And the worse that may happen, the worse that may happen
is to see you being again sad
So you just take it off, somebody, please, murder it, somebody
I love you still with every piece of my broken heart
And I wish you to wait and I wish you to wait
Please, wait, while the momend bends, while I hold your hands

We broke the rule we've set before
That's why I can talk to you again
It's a minimum wage when I know it's in the cage
When I see you glimpsin' at me back
When I love someone then I really need to know
I need to hold you as the night is long
Because the creatures they rise there in the black night
They are not as violet as our kisses are
When I see someone really then I need to bow
I need to spread the sunshine to you soul
And you were livin' in the darkness so you are afraid of the light
But I promise this is worth the fight

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