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Pyrrhura indie-folk / Nitra

„Less love“

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Text skladby Desperate Sound

z alba Spring

Lonely tune
There's something that died
Leavin' all this behind
I can feel the weight
I do feel, soulmate
And it can't be, you said
Wisely made

I was so happy back in time
And my heart screamed everytime
I was so dull back in time

You see the way also
And you came when there was fire
This could last and this could be
If I would, no, I would not speak
But would it be right?
Would it be?

Thinking 'bout the last year
I'm seein' all the seas
I should delete and throw
All that I have known
'bouté and 'bout the spring

There's fallin' behind
In the seasons of life
And it features a pain
Pain so sharp
You were back there
And I could not talk
It would stab you
To the back

I've said stupid things
And I haven't done the right ones
I have left the golden rings
To mess up this yard
Desperate sound comes

Then I went to the park
where I sat and I cried
I could not breathe
There was a friend that'd just died

I don't know what to do
'coz it was so nice
but we had to go
to ruin this voice
So pick a guitar
And play some soul tunes
I feel so bad that you
feel to lose...
And I was so stupid and new
That I just did not talk to you

I hate these chords
And I hate my voice
I hate my jokes
And I hate it all
'coz nothing can hurt
when nothing would be
And now, in this night
I can't even sleep

In the end of this song
I'll throw off the phone
And in the end of this line
I'll delete your part
So bye

Little birdie
Just fly

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