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Pyrrhura indie-folk / Nitra

„Less love“

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Text skladby Autumn took all the leaves (starting to think)

z alba Off the big road

Autor hudby: Pyrrhura
Autor textu: Pyrrhura

„Trees are naked again,
leaves under remained,
the year is turning again.
Every now and then
a fog creeps on the land,
the year is turning again...

What is the meaning of the 70 years?
What means the dirt to the ground returned?
And if some change won't come,
it'll take us one by one...

"This world's good" you said
and I know you were lying,
when every year
I'm just watching people dying.
We're just standing in line,
we're taken one by one
till it is all over and done...

What is the meaning, poor 70 years?
What wisdom can come from dirt that's gonna be returned?
Is this all really 'bout living the trial?
How can you be happy, how can you be smilin'?“

(Oh, is this really about living in a trial without having any chance to get the full version? I mean, what is the world about, what's the meaning of the earth? I think we are supposed to live here. I mean, really to live here. Should the first person here on this planet die? Just think about it.)

So, know the truth and that will set you free.
You will know all 'bout the fee.
Read it whole and you're gonna see
the fact that will set you free...

„The year is turning again...
All the crying in the land...
The year is turning again...
Think about it, use your brain...
Every house was built by a man...
Decide for you what's important...
Just think about it with brain...
Next year is coming again... Again...

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