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Purnama death-black / Turnov

„CD Flame of Rebellion právě v prodeji“

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Text skladby Lioness

z alba Lioness

Came to the lioness and saw her face.
Fear and anger.
Desire to kill led his steps here.
Animal will fight for her life

Picture of mother
defending her children
against enemies.
Symmetrical beast and naked man.
Weapon failed.
No chance to take it back.

Big mistake was to come to her territory.
Today the hunter will become the prey.
Teeth are scarifying arteries in the neck.
The smell of blood unleashes fury.

Greed brought their steps.
Claws are breaking human bones.
Man went down on his knees.
Prayers will not be heard.

Human enemy has been destroyed.
This is a story of survival.
About motherly love
and the power of nature.

Their flesh will feed my hungry children.
Let people come again.

Lioness killed
in self defense.
in self defense.
And I heard lioness crying in my mind. Inside. In my heart bleeding for your live.
Their flesh will feed my hungry children.