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Purnama death-black / Turnov

„CD Flame of Rebellion právě v prodeji“

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Text skladby Denial of Humanity

z alba Lioness

World you knew has changed forever.
People destroy all around.
We take but never give back.
The Earth is dying in our hands.

Blood in the sea.
Blood in the ground.
Blood in the air.
Blood in the fire.

Wars in the name of nothing.
In the end we all will burn.
Human race is coming suicide.
Today you decide what you will do.

Repeated mistakes.
Lost in madness.
Repeated mistakes.
Lost in madness.

Birds shed tears on burnt down trees.
Lions cry for the sun veiled in smog.
Whales are smothered by black sleeks on the sea.

One day the technology will fall.
The earth will shake.
Nature will rise up and will take everything back.
Destruction of walls.
Destruction of towns.

World is gasping for air.
Nature tied in chains of people.
Reality is here in your decision.
Tomorrow we will die alive.