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Purnama death-black / Turnov

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Text skladby War for Home

z alba Lioness

War for home.
White ships on horizon.
They want to take our freedom.
Prepare for fight.
Let the fire burn.
Remember here is your home.

Stay strong and hold your weapon.
Today, we fight and die together.
We are great rebellion.
Dont speak to the gods. Speak to yourself.
You are the original. Do not die as a copy.

Maybe I'll die in battle but death will speak by my name.
Nothing can destroy my dreams and memories.
No machines and blades of science cannot cut my soul.
None of your false kings shall never own my life.

Arise your voice
to the stars on heaven.
We may bring balance to this world.
As ray of sun.
Through the darkness.
We are free by law of nature.

I'm sitting by a lake and looking at the sky.
This world and life Is all I need.
We must fight for our home.
We are children of storm.
Just came and struck.
Created universe and us.
It is our cradle and it will be our destruction.
Open your eyes.
And stand free.

War for home.