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Pretty Cool rock-pop / Martin

„Chémia Tour“

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Text skladby I Don't Care

z alba EneRRRrrrgia

Autor hudby: Dušan Pavlov
Autor textu: Dušan Pavlov

After three times I try to understand
Where is it hidden, what has been inside you
I saw you rising and then falling down
But you’re not yourself and that’s true

I know, sometimes all can’t be by the rules
Why did I put my confidence in you?
Now it doesn’t matter to me seriously
How can you be to me so cruel?

I’m drawing a picture into my dreams
That, which I want to see

Now I don’t mind
Really I don’t care
Now I don’t mind
Really I don’t care
Now I don’t mind
Really I don’t care
Now you don’t mind
Really you don’t care

I feel I’m under my own illusions
All these I’ve made alone in silent dream
Reality is running aside me
I turn page and leave everything behind me

Till today I know what it means to hate
And also how difficult is to love
So, try to find understanding in us
And never ever let me down