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Portikus progressive-metal / Rimavská Sobota


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Text skladby Little Of My Time (2009)

z alba REBORN

Autor hudby: Portikus
Autor textu: Gabriel Kertész

Little of my time

Everything I want sacrifising for you in my
life apart from my few time.
Everytime you look at me as being inflamed to job
apart from what you like.

And you, lords, my effort is so little and bad for you.
Fill your cup greed is too much and you are unhappy too.

Everywhere I want to success but I never comply
to the perfects and sages.
Everyday I'm racing the time for recognition
those, who have never yet won.

It is never enough what I do and you ask for more.
I'm slave of your black souls and desires in this world.
Twenty–four hours is few for me to remove your dirt.

You wana preach me, what is a prior and need.
But I'm lord of my time and nobody can order mine.

„Where is in my time, where is in my life a place for me.
Where is in your cry, where is in your mind a scream for me.
My time is only mine, and you very soon find what is a need.
To guard my time and to relish while of my life.”