Poppy Seed Grinder - Text skladby Reign of Fear z alba promo '16 | Bandzone.cz
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Poppy Seed Grinder death-hardcore / Praha

„25.8.2020 ROCK CAFÉ PRAHA“

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Text skladby Reign of Fear

z alba promo '16

Autor hudby: PSG
Autor textu: PSG

fear of illness, fear of failure
fear of unknown, fear of evil
fear of loneliness, fear of people
fear of death, reign of fear

all the fears occupying your mind
distorting perception of your reality
the feeling deep inside you
hidden in the subconscious mind
you can not recognize
what the true fear truly is, or not

i see it in your eyes
never ending deep despair
living in your own hell of controlled manipulation
you will never realize
how much you are deprived
living in your little cage slavishly styled life

reign of fear
reign of fear
reign of fear

you succumbed to your fears
never became truly free
with the theft
of your own liberty