Big Kahuna - Novinky |

Big Kahuna rock-jazz / Bratislava Petrzalka

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  • BIG KAHUNA: Under the bridge
  • BIG KAHUNA: Give it away
  • BIG KAHUNA: So far away
  • 01 Sultans of swing (Dire Straits) - COVER
  • 02 Aeroplane (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - COVER
  • 03 Rock&roll is dead (Lenny Kravitz) - COVER
  • 04 Message in the bottle (The Police) - COVER
  • 05 Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma) - COVER
  • 06 Maxine (Donald Fagen) - COVER
  • 07 Lullaby (Peter White) - COVER
  • 08 Life Story (Peter White) - COVER
  • 09 Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard) - COVER
  • 10 Streetwalkin' (Shakatak) - COVER
  • 11 Luiza (Antônio Carlos Jobim) - COVER


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Give it away (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Under the bridge (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Can’t stop (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Aeroplane (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

I could have lied (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

My Friends (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Zephyr song (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Rock n roll is dead (Lenny Kravitz)

Are you gonna go my  way (Lenny Kravitz)

It’s on (George Duke, Marcus Miller)

Sultans of swing (Dire Straits)

So far Away (Dire Straits)

Bombtrack (Rage Against The Machine)

Killing in the name (Rage Against The Machine)

Take the power back (Rage Against The Machine)

Walking on the moon (Police)

Message in the bottle (Police)



I. KOLO 20:30 21:15
1 Cause We've Ended As Lovers Jeff Beck COVER
2 Fly Me To The Moon Bart Howard COVER
3 Das Model Kraftwerk COVER
4 Three Deuces Marcus Miller COVER
5 Bueno Funk Peter White COVER
6 It's On George Duke Marcus   Miller COVER
7 Come Together John Lennon COVER
8 Nobody Told Me John Lennon COVER
9 Lions Dire Straits COVER
10 So Far Away Dire Straits COVER
11 Money For Nothing Dire Straits COVER
12 Tunnel Of Love Dire Straits COVER
13 Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits COVER
II. KOLO 21:30 22:15
14 Round Midnight Wes Montgomery COVER
15 Autumn Leaves Joe Pass COVER
16 Evidence Faith No More COVER
17 I Could Have Lied Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER
18 My Friends Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER
19 Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER
20 Owner Of The Lonely   Heart Yes COVER
21 Surf Rider The Lively Ones (Pulp   Fiction) COVER
22 Apache Shadows COVER
23 Outside Woman Blues Cream COVER
24 Rock And Roll Is Dead Lenny Kravitz COVER
25 Are You Gonna Go My   Way Lenny Kravitz COVER
26 Power Marcus Miller COVER
III. KOLO 22:30 23:15
27 Street Walking Shakatak COVER
28 Walking On The Moon Police COVER
29 Every Breath You Take Police COVER
30 De Do Do Do Police COVER
31 Message In The Bottle Police COVER
32 You Really Got Me Kinks COVER
33 All Day And All Of  The Night Kinks COVER
34 Seven Days In Sunny June Jamiroquai COVER
35 Whiskey In The Jar Thin Lizzy COVER
36 Rock And Roll Music John Lennon COVER
37 Tengo La Camisa Negra Juanes COVER
38 Sunrise Simply Red COVER
39 Long Tall Sally Paul McCartney COVER