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Pilot Season alternative-rock / České Budějovice


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29. srpna 2016
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  • Replaced
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Right Where I Stand
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Leave to Live
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Boundaries
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Scars
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Butterfly Effect
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Wait for Me Dead
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Closer
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Hike Higher
    "A Deep Dive"
  • Grinding Teeth
    Single "Grinding Teeth"
  • Morning Promises
    EP "The Space Between Us"
  • Cannot Stand The Hell I Feel
    EP "The Space Between Us"
  • Keep Waiting
    EP "The Space Between Us"
  • Dirt
    EP "The Space Between Us"
  • The Starting Line (feat. Jan Kučera)
    EP "The Space Between Us"

Pilot Season - Grinding Teeth (Official Music Video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 20.11.2016
The official music video for Pilot Season's single "Grinding Teeth". All material shot in September 2016 during the Canadian tour and US trip.


Site: http://pilotseasonband.com


Video edited by Pavel Eder.

Mixed, mastered and produced by Damian Kučera www.damiankucera.com


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My dear we've been waiting for a sign too long
Couple more years and you'll be fine, stay strong
You know, I thought love could make us better

Look what we've done
Bitterness, pain and blur
It drives me crazy
Then what the hell I'm waiting for

I'm going upstairs to burn down our room
I'm gonna live a while by my rules
I'm leaving home and I'm leaving today
So you would never hear my grinding teeth again

And I wonder if there's anything else I can do for you

I know you blame me and you're right for sure
Listen I'm about to forever end this war

You know I think nothing could make this better

You said you hate me and that your heart is sore
Listen I'm about to forever end this war

I swear you will never hear me again