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Pilgrim folk / fairy folk / Bohumín

„eshop: https://pilgrim-official.bandcamp.com/music“

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Text skladby Carnivorous Desire

z alba The Roots

There is the bloom behind the trees,
makes you fall onto your knees.
The beautifulness of this kind,
which everyone is used to find
and after that it'll make them blind.

You're just a hummingbird,
by sweet nectar you're blurred.
Which you always wanted to taste,
all your life you'll for it waste
and you'll ever act in haste.

The nectar,it's warming through your veins,
it'll take you to eternal plains.
Where smoothy harmony you'll get,
but you'll weave into a net
and your view will paint in red.

Because this bloom it's not what it seems to be,
when it catch your heart, you'll never be free.
This kind will tore apart your hope,
you will feel the pain that you can't cope
and the rest of your life you'll mope ... away.

And nothing can ever protect you from this end,
you will be shut in the darkened land.
Only the wise trees which are dreaming of
the world, they know the same as sky above
that this bloom we called a love.