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Pilgrim folk / fairy folk / Bohumín

„eshop: https://pilgrim-official.bandcamp.com/music“

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Text skladby Cheers!

z alba The Roots

When I was in forest, hunting a deer
there came an old men and asked me for beer
I lay down my weapon and I hold up a bock
then we both set onto the ancient rock

We sang like the brothers, we cheered with the wine
we’re calling the rain, everything was fine
With us was singing the all friendly woods
We saw all the twice, but in happy moods

Soon the night came, and sun went down
I was getting tired, and I give the yawn
But in the one moment I looked on the ground
My unbreathing body in stound there I found

I looked at old men, he was laughing aloud
Then I mentioned old stories which were floating around
About these forests and spirits and ghost
Then I realized I’m drinking with one of those

He told me „Don’t worry, the death isn’t so bad.
You can drink with me though you are now dead“
So I waved a hand and I’ve gulped a gin
a happier end this couldn’t have been.