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Pilgrim folk / fairy folk / Bohumín

„eshop: https://pilgrim-official.bandcamp.com/music“

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Text skladby Written in Blood

z alba The Roots

There was a man standing in evening’s cold
Leather black boots and tattered green coat
Under the raven hair lust in the eyes
„Stranger what is that your heart most desires?“

Told to a man and as he had no sight
He wandered the world at neverending night
He stepped to him forward and accepted the price
Wandering now on with new pair of eyes

There came a man with a help of his son
Shorter than all of those who have come
As legless he was he wanted to know
Once again the feeling of the feet of his own

„And you my friend see I can no lost
Strenght or bag of the coins could be just yours
What is then price you say for your soul?“
„Let me just love once again and for all“