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Perversity - Goddess Of Maggots (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.8.2014
Videoclip for PERVERSITY's song Goddess Of Maggots (lyrics below) taken from the 2014 EP "Infamy Divine". The entire EP is streaming at:, physical CD is available from Lavadome store at

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Goddess of Maggots
Spread her legs like Satan´s Whore
I heard the maggots on the floor,
like the serpents they are slithering
through the surface of the room.

She looks at me
with a gleam of sensuality I can only shudder.
She smears the blood above her mouth
as she asks me to enter her from behind.
When I sleep she comes to me,
screaming and droning like a fly.
When I sleep I feel the maggots in me
As she enters me inside

Her rancid saliva dripping on my mouth,
The smell of decay
Blood of guts

Necrophiliac whore riding my cock
lubricating my chest
littering my groin
kneading my flesh.

I can feel the burning in my rancid blood
As she vomit the larvae from her womb
at the moment of her orgasm
Goddess of the maggots
kneading my flesh