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Personal Highway ambient-crossover / Praha

„new material in near future“

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Text skladby Phase 2 Phase

z alba Personal Highway

Autor hudby: Michael Nosek
Autor textu: Michael Nosek

Laying in the dust I am comming to understand those moments. Moments of weakened feelings about these two beings which have been like one for such a long time. Moments when one still believes and the other one is sinking into someone new.
"It´s exciting, honey, isn´t it?"

Can´t you remember all that love?
Can´t you remember all that devotion?
Can´t you feel my faith I had in you?
And what is the price of the destroyed soul, beloved bitch?

We are watching each other through darkness. I know that it was mine for the last time.
Two human beings lying face to face.
So close to each other they are taking up to be phased in their rotten love...