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Personal Highway ambient-crossover / Praha

„new material in near future“

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Text skladby Aborted Passions

z alba Personal Highway

Autor hudby: Michael Nosek
Autor textu: Michael Nosek

It was your silky skin in the moonglow and your wine red breath,
It was the beauty shown in the opened wardrobe, but not the inner beauty under the shell.

Then we were to have our good old times in the evenings but they never came.
And because of the empty bottles we knew that all of the yesterday’s lust would turn in today’s cold detachment.

Rather to do the same mistakes instead of being fresh
Rather to refuse the tender offer, which will be smashed,
Better to pass around something brand new high and then be
a parrot-like repeater with that bad luck sign

You´re a sunflower turning back from the stars
You´re the thirsty unable to reach the wells and farms
You´re a fool who doesn´t listen to advice

You were like a tiny spark for the one with sensitive eye
You were the sick one, wanting to die
The outer world with any step of you, but not without mine...