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People on the Horizon indie-pop / Praha

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Text skladby Walking Slowly

z alba On the Horizon

Autor hudby: Lada Homutová, David Kronus
Autor textu: Lada Homutová

Walking slowly
mother, I don’t know where to go now?
The town is empty,
no places left behind you I don’t know how
to find the land where I would go
and find the place where I could belong
find the feeling I have lost
and find out what is right and what is wrong.

Broken fences,
mother, can you tell me where to hide now?
Down-played chances,
no movement just a dark and I don’t know how
to live the life, my heart is out
and how to grab the broken villow,
slipping down but hope for up
how hard is it to get up and to go.